Wanna access all the powerful magic and wisdom that lives inside you? You need this challenge

I'll guide you through five days of foundational feminine practices so you can begin to see and hear the synchronicities and signs from the Universe that are guiding you, all the freaking time!  (Think of me like you own personal Glinda the Good Witch).

You'll learn the foundational tools, rituals and resources to access your magic.

Magic (noun):
  1. a quality of enchantment, beauty and delight that seems set apart from the ordinary.
  2.  the apparent use of mysterious forces to make things happen.
If you read #1 and shouted, Yes, please!, you need this challenge. If you thought, I require no additional delight at this time, this challenge is probably not for you.
If you read #2 and thought, what kinds of things? How do these things sound… 
  • learning to trust yourself and your intuition (so you can stop second guessing and move forward already)
  • creating the connections you’re craving (so you can make the impact you know you’re meant to make)
  • smashing the patriarchy (in the most surprising and delight-filled ways imaginable)
If you're furrowing your brow and muttering, magic sounds like a load of hooey to me, this challenge is probably not for you, (also, you might be my 78-year-old aunt, if so: hi, auntie!).
If you’re thinking, those things sound f’ing amazing, you need this challenge.
I want in on the magic...